What is Valve Cover Racing?


This is such a fun part of our overall day.  This year we plan to have more racers to buy, but know that you can bring your own.  We hope you do, because we want to have a beauty contest!  See below for more information on the 1st Annual “The Great Spokane Road Rally” Valve Cover Beauty Contest.

You might be asking, “What is Valve Cover Racing?”  Well, it is a little like Pinewood Derby but it is the adult version.  First what it is:  It's where a motor vehicle valve cover is made into a small race “car” and is run down a track.  Valve cover racers come in all sizes and shapes, as valve covers from cars come in a variety of sizes, weights and materials.  They can have different wheel configurations, and the wheels can be made of many different objects.  They can be made from roller skates, roller blades, to CDs and list goes on.  Use what you think will make your racer go the fastest down the track.


  1. The cars shall have no power source - All motive force is provided by gravity (we provide the gravity for FREE!)

  2. Cars shall be based on actual automotive valve covers (domestic or foreign)

  3. Length shall be no more than 22 inches (measured from front-most point of “body” to center of rear axle)

  4. The lowest point of the front of the racer or start gate bumper cannot be higher than 2” from the track surface (has to be held back by the starting gate)

  5. Wheels can be inside or outside of the valve cover

  6. Overall width no more than 10 1/2 inches (has to fit on the track!)

  7. Cars can have four or less wheels on the ground with a maximum diameter of no more than 6 inches

  8. Car weight limit is 10 lbs (will be weighed at check-in)

  9. If your car does not meet all of the above specs, you’ll be entered in the “Limited Class.”

If you want to race, please find the sign-up sheets as we will be setting up heats before the rally starts.  No additional cost to entering the races, except if you purchase one of our ready-made racers.  There will be a place to leave your valve cover on display for the day.  See below to learn about the beauty contest.  

You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own racer, because we would like to have you enter the beauty contest.  We understand that not everyone has the time, tools or resources to build your own.  So last year we had made some racers for folks to purchase.  This year we will be doing the same.  What is exciting is that we have the Spokane Valley Tech School making the racers for us.  We will be having a race at the school so that the students can see how their racers performed.  We, however, will not be letting you all know who the winners were until after the road rally race.  A huge Thank You to the Students and Staff at the Spokane Valley Tech School.

This year we will be adding a beauty contest to the valve cover event.  This is a contest of the best decorated valve cover racer.  It can be simple or over the top, but it still has to be able to race down the track.  We will have 3 different categories to be judged: 

1.  Most innovative

2.  Scariest

3.  People’s Choice (to be voted on before the start of the valve cover racing)

Please check out our pictures and then go online and type in valve cover racing and you will get to see all sorts of pictures to collect ideas.  


Let the games begin!!!