What are the Slow Drags?

Last year, we had participants pick their Fan Favorite Pit Stop as part of the event.  The winner was the slow drags, which were held at at The Secret Garden and Greenhouse.    The committee decided that since it was such a big hit that it will now become a permanent fixture of The Great Spokane Road Rally.

So, what are the slow drags?  Well, pretty simple really.  There is a starting line and finish line.  The goal is to get your car closest to the finish line without going over.  Here is what makes it challenging.  You have to figure out how fast you need to go to have enough momentum to coast from the start line to the finish line.  Once you have your car moving and have crossed the start line, you are not allowed to use the gas or brake for the rest of the course.  Remember, if you cross the finish line you are disqualified.  The car must stop on its own, no breaking during the drag or you are disqualified.  

Here is what to expect.  You will line up at a predetermined start spot.  A flag will be dropped and you give your car some gas.  As much or as little as you feel is necessary to achieve the goal.  When you hit the start line, you will take your car out of gear, and start coasting to finish line.  It is ~ 40 feet between the start and finish lines.  (The distance will be determined by the folks setting up the course.)  The course could have some obstacles such as a small hill, curves, or rough conditions.  You just don’t know until you get there.

Best of luck!!!